Muscular Christianity at Camp

Waking up on a summer day at Lake Delaware Boys Camp in the Catskill Mountains wilderness is like dreaming time has stood still. The morning regimen is virtually unchanged from 105 years ago, when the camp was founded. Yet it never fails to capture boys’ attention.

Employment Opportunities

RN/LPN OPENING – 2021 CAMP SEASON Seeking a health professional who loves working with children, who appreciates a beautiful wilderness setting and who will be inspired by the great spirit and traditions of LDBC. Prefer More »

Kelly Chacchia, Parent of camper

Changing lives since 1909! This boy’s camp in the Catskill Mountains in NYS is a magical place. A place where boys as early as 8 or 9 years of age can escape to for 5 More »

A Century of Character-Building and Games

The mist hangs damp and heavy in the Catskills most mornings, obscuring the rising sun. It muffles the incessant birdsong and puts a dewy sheen on eight old-fashioned tarpaulin tents where 100 boys ages 9 to 16 are nestled in sleeping bags.

Dan DeNose, Grad 2004

My attitude changed for the better because of LDBC. It unlocked the potential that I had inside me.

Eric Schubert, Grad 2004

Camp is a very special place. It allows you to get to know yourself and gain the confidence required to do anything your heart chooses.


Lake Delaware Boys Camp offers your sun an amazing summer filled with sports, adventure, personal growth, and friendship. Jim and Sue Adams have provided a well run and safe program, known in the American Camping More »

Jelani Price, Grad 2010

I never knew a place that could have such an affect on a person. To make one love life more. To create friendships that had never existed. I’ve never felt more welcome.

About Camp

For more than a century LDBC has been filled with amazing spirit and traditions. Generations of men consider their time at LDBC a cherished part of their lives. LDBC is fun: sports, swimming, adventure activities, More »