Update:  2020 Season

May 18, 2020

To the Campers, Parents and Friends of LDBC:

It is with heavy hearts that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we announce that Lake Delaware Boys’ Camp will not open in 2020.

We know this is heartbreaking news for so many of you.  We know just how much our campers and staff have been looking forward to camp.  Our campers have already experienced the loss of school, sports and other activities, missed friendships and more.  We have prepared a video message for our campers and hope you will view it.  The link is available at the end of this communication.

We have known for weeks that the decision about opening camp for this summer was going to be decided by factors outside of our control:

Could the new Mess Hall be completed following a two-month construction shut down?

Would NY State permit camps to open and if so under what guidelines and restrictions?

Could our International Staff arrive?

Above all, we are committed to the safety and welfare of our campers at LDBC.  In addition to the factors beyond our control which make the opening of camp impossible, we feel that with all that is known and remains unknown about COVID-19, that our boys would be under unacceptable risk by being at camp this summer.

Please note this important information.

  • The boys who would have graduated from LDBC this summer will be invited back as campers to graduate at age 17 in 2021.
  • Parents who have paid the registration fee for the 2020 season have the option to either request a full refund, or to have the payment rolled over to apply to the 2021 season.
  • We intend to speak personally with every camper, as well as with every staff member who was scheduled to be at LDBC this summer.  We are looking forward to this, and will be reaching out to you over the summer to schedule a time for a call.

We are very grateful to the LDBC Board of Directors for waiting patiently throughout these last several months to see if it would be at all possible to safely open camp this year before making the necessary final decision.

The LDBC Camp Prayer begins with these words: “O God who has made and preserved this camp….”.   For 111 years God has preserved Lake Delaware Boys’ Camp, and we are certain that God’s care and protection will continue.

We cannot say enough how excited we will be for the fantastic opening of LDBC in 2021.

Wishing the LDBC family all the best, and sending our love,

Jim and Sue Adams – Camp Directors.

Our Video Greeting Link is here:


P.S.  The conditions brought on by this pandemic have caused us to realize what are the things we care about the most.  For those who care deeply about camp remaining strong to reopen in 2021, along with the completion of the new Mess Hall, please consider a gift to LDBC at this challenging time.





  • LDBC is a sleep away summer camp that offers boys an amazing summer filled with sports, adventure, personal growth and friendship.
  • LDBC’s academy style program provides opportunities for boys to grow in self confidence and develop leadership skills.
  • Camp Directors Jim and Sue Adams are known in the American camping community for providing a safe, well run and nurturing program.
  • LDBC is located in the hamlet of Andes in the Catskill Mountains, approximately 2½ hours from New York City.

  • Upon graduation, campers are inducted into the Lake Delaware Alumni Association, thereby becoming part of the larger LDBC community, which provides a lifetime of meaningful fellowship.

Enjoy more photos of camp life!