Kelly Chacchia, Parent of camper

Changing lives since 1909! This boy’s camp in the Catskill Mountains in NYS is a magical place. A place where boys as early as 8 or 9 years of age can escape to for 5 weeks each summer for a “Back to Basics” camp experience. No technology allowed! Each day begins with a chapel service led by the Amazing Father “D” Donahue, followed by breakfast, sports, sports and more sports, then dinner and evening activities. Campers sleep in raised platform tents that are expected to remain tidy and in order. Military discipline with no bullying allowed and ranks. This teaches the boys to respect and understand leadership. There are male and female counselors which gives the boys positive female role models. Boys make friends for life. Bonds that are based on personalities and common interests not the color of your skin or the socioeconomic status of your family. Thanks to the generosity of the Gerry Family and the many families and alumni that attended the camp, this continues to be a gift for boys summer after summer. I for one, feel so blessed I have been able to give this gift to my son. I wish this camp was a right of passage for every boy. It can be a gift you can give YOUR son. AMAZING!!!