What Are The Different Ways to Give?

LDBC receives no government support and is a registered 501(c) 3 organization. All gifts to LDBC are tax deductible.

One Time Gifts

Donations are welcome from any source and in any amount. LDBC receives gifts ranging from ten dollars to thousands of dollars, and all are welcome and appreciated.

Auto-Pay Gifts

LDBC’s website allows you to easily schedule weekly, monthly or yearly payments which would benefit the campers and help us to bring in more resources.

Longterm/Deferred Gifts Programs

What is the Emblem Society?

The long term viability and health of LDBC – our ability to continue meeting our core mission – must also be addressed through planned giving. LDBC has established The Emblem Society, a program of deferred giving through which donors make a gift commitment now to be paid at some future date. There is no cash outlay now, only a documented and verified plan to provide for LDBC in your long term financial planning.

Join The Emblem Society!

Won’t you consider putting LDBC in your will? Over twenty grads and friends of camp have done so. Since reopening in 1999, we’ve also received two major bequests. One from Anna Canter whose brother Walter attended Camp in the 1920’s. Her $300,000 bequest built the Camp pool. In 2008, we received a bequest of $315,000 from Alfred Andersen ‘32 which helped re-build our endowment. Since then we’ve received over $100,000 in bequests from several generous people. Won’t you consider joining with them to ensure Camp’s continuation well into the future!

How to Become a Member

Membership in the Emblem Society is open to all donors making a qualified deferred gift of $10,000 or more to the LDBC Endowment Fund. – See more 

Qualified deferred gifts include:

  • Will bequest
  • Life insurance proceeds
  • Gift annuity
  • Charitable remainder trust
  • Life estate contract
  • Living trust

To become a member of The Emblem Society, first commit to making a deferred gift, then consult your attorney or tax advisor to determine what method of giving best meets your individual needs and to receive the proper advice on implementing your decision.

When your arrangements have been finalized, inform LDBC of your gift so that your gift can be verified and made a matter of record. Membership in The Emblem Society will be conferred accordingly, and a small token of our appreciation will be sent to you. In addition, your name and gift will be published among Camp’s supporters, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

For assistance in arranging your gift, or to discuss deferred giving options, please contact our Camp offices.

Membership Benefits

  • Ensure LDBC’s long term financial security and commitment to serve future generations
  • Tax benefits which help preserve your family’s estate. Estate taxes, income taxes, and capital gain taxes can be eliminated or substantially reduced through gifts to The Emblem Society
  • Choice of a variety of deferred gift options to meet an individual donor’s own financial situation
  • Can be recognized publicly or anonymously

Please make the LDBC experience available to others.